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Are you a member of CentrEau and you are organizing an event? CentrEau can help you!

Here are the levels of support available from CentrEau:

CentrEau's action (by level of involvement)

Counterpart of the organizer 

1. Diffusion on Centr'Eau website calendar and on Facebook and LinkedIn


2. Advertisement on Centr'Eau website calendar, Facebook/LinkedIn and the newsletter in the form of a news item

CentrEau's logo on the event poster/website

3. Presentation of a CentrEau award or CentrEau Volunteer Team
(includes level 2)

CentrEau logo on event poster, program and website

Social media mention and press releases

4. Organize a presentations session (find speakers) 
(includes level 2)

Logo on program and event website

Social media mention and press releases

5. Involvement in logistics (help with room rental, catering) and communications (poster mounting, printing and dissemination)

CentrEau is a co-organizer

Logo and name are mentioned wherever the other co-organizer(s) are mentioned  

6. Complete organization of the event

CentrEau is official organizer