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Highlight your research!

CentrEau offers wonderful opportunities to its members to promote one of their research projects!

Produce a video clip Did you know ? 

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CentrEau has been creating and sharing the "Did you know" capsules on its website as well as on its various social networks since April 2020. The capsules are created in French and in English.

We are offering members the opportunity to have their research work the main subject of one of our Did you know clips! You just have to write the text and we'll take care of the video production!


  • Bring notoriety to your research project
  • Have an original animated video (value of about $300) in your files about your research project in order to use it in the future (promote a project, portfolio, etc.), free of charge
  • Your name will be mentioned as the author of the text at the end of the video, in its description and in the posts our our social media
  • Your article/dissertation/thesis will be mentioned in the references at the end of the video


  • Write your text proposal in the form template here » and name it "SVQ_LASTNAME_Firstname.docx".
  • See an example of an old text from a did you know capsule (in green)
  • Send your text to with the email subject “Capsule SVQ”
  • You can send it at any time during the year. We will contact you if your text has been selected. 

This opportunity only concerns CentrEau's members.


We ask you to write a short text which summarizes in an easy-to-understand way one or more results of your research project while respecting the following criteria:

  • Your text must be well popularized, because it is aimed at a very large audience. As an exercise, we recommend that you have someone read your text who has no training in the water sector and ask them if they understood correctly.
  • Your text must be split into a minimum of 3 sentences and a maximum of 6 distinct sentences.
  • Your text should be no longer than 1 minute when read aloud at medium to low speed.
  • You must add all the sources consulted to write the text.
  • The topic should be interesting and appeal to a general audience.
  • Your data/results mentioned in your text must be final data, specifically data that will not be modified in the future.
  • You must write your text in both French and English, but we will help you with the translation.
  • The title of your capsule must contain fewer than 50 characters.
  • The text will be revised by our team.