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Student Mobility

The purpose of the CentrEau student mobility program is to enable student members to:

  • use a research infrastructure [1] located outside of the faculty of study, or
  • visit their co-supervisor located in another institution than their own, or
  • to go to CentrEau's activities outside of their city of study

[1] Research infrastructure: tools, machinery, experimental equipment, office, database, etc.

Read the rules » (PDF, 146 Ko)


Up to $1,500 $ for:

  • Accomodation and transportation
  • User fees for infrastructure use 
To be eligible, students must:
  • Be a student member of CentrEau
  • Have the approbation of their research director;
  • Have to travel outside his/her city of studies
  • For cosupervisor visits, he or she has to be a regular member or a collaborating member of CentrEau
  • Work on an interdisciplinary research project
In exchange for financial assistance, students agree to:
  • Identify themselves (affiliation) to CentrEau – Quebec Water Research Center 
  • Thank CentrEau and use its logo 
  • Thank the FRQNT and use its logo
  • Provide their photo for CentrEau’s website
  • Present a poster or a conference at the annual Journée québécoise des étudiants CentrEau



  • Benjamin Bouchard has received a mobility grant for an internship in Switzerland in the summer of 2022.
  • Eole Valence received a mobility scholarship to follow a fieldwork training in France during Winter 2022.
  • Raymond Kabo received a mobility scholarship to do fieldwork in Senegal during Winter 2022.
  • Mohammadreza Alizadeh received a mobility scholarship to visit MIT in Massachussets during Winter 2022.


  • Cheick Doumbia received a mobility scholarship to visit hi cosupervisor a few times during Winter 2020.