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CentrEau Hebd'EAU | Scientific advice for a municipal water cycle bursting with opportunities: the case of the City of Victoriaville

79th webinar in the CentrEau Hebd'Eau series entitled "Scientific advice for a municipal water cycle brimming with opportunities: the case of the City of Victoriaville" by Nicholas Fecteau


Trained as a geographer at UQAR, where he cut his teeth researching snow and the large rivers of the Côte-Nord region, he now works as a research professional for the Chaire de recherche municipale pour les villes durables and as a research collaborator at UQTR's Institut d'Innovations en Écomatériaux, Écoproduits et Écoénergies à base de biomasse. Among other things, he supports the City of Victoriaville and its innovation ecosystem in sustainable and circular development. His role is characterized by the ideation, design, animation and realization of special, major and unifying projects. He also works with the Office of the Chief Scientist of Quebec to deploy scientific advice to Quebec municipalities. He has also been immersed in "Quebec innovation zone" projects, having led Victoriaville's "Cité de l'innovation circulaire" innovation zone project from the outset and for over 2 years. He also laid the groundwork in industrial R&D as an industrial designer, and in the solidarity economy by founding a solidarity cooperative, where he was director for nearly three years.

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For almost four years now, the Municipal Research Chair for Sustainable Cities has been offering scientific advice to cities, and in particular to the City of Victoriaville, to help them orient their research projects around its issues. Water has been a recurring theme, but at different stages in the life cycle of municipal management. With the benefit of hindsight, a new perspective has emerged: a new water value chain based on a territorial and circular approach. The purpose of this paper is twofold: 1) to describe the role and impact of the scientific advisory board for cities in managing their challenges, and specifically in terms of sustainable and circular water management, and 2) to present the concrete case of Victoriaville and its initiatives.

The presentation will be given in French

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