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CentrEau Weekly Webinar | Integrated hydrological modelling of surface and groundwater

In collaboration with Réseau québécois sur les eaux souterraines.

As part of the "24 hours of science" event

34th webinar of the series entitled "Integrated hydrological modelling of surface and groundwater".

Speaker: Prof. René Therrien, member of CentrEau and professor at Université Laval

Language: French, with slides in French

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Summary: Hydrological models integrating surface and groundwater aim to simulate the terrestrial part of the hydrological cycle. These models generally consider 2D surface water flow coupled with 3D groundwater flow and, in some cases, mass and energy transport. They are increasingly used to anticipate, for example, the potential impacts on water resources of climate variations, land use changes, or increased water use. They can also contribute to sustainable water management. Recent developments and applications of the HydroGeoSphere model, which belongs to this category of models, will be presented, as well as the challenges and opportunities associated with this type of model.

New series of weekly CentrEau webinars "all about water management". These short 20-minute presentations will be offered live every Thursday at 1 p.m. followed by a short discussion period. CentrEau professors and researchers, as well as guest speakers, will present their research work and its importance in a semi-popularized manner. Watch the previous webinars on our YouTube Channel!