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International Water Think Tank (IWTT)

International Conference on Integrated Water Resources Management

International Water Think Tank is a conference that aims to unite experts from all disciplines in exploring issues related to sustainable access to water for communities in Canada and around the world. The main objective of this conference is to identify the key issues of the world's most pressing water challenges, while promoting communication, collaboration, networking and dialogue among students, academic experts, water professionals, private and governmental organizations, and North-South and South-South scientific and technical cooperation for sustainable and integrated global water resources management.

Graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and early career researchers are invited to submit abstracts in the following themes:

  • Water access and governance
  • Water treatment and quality monitoring
  • Water treatment
  • Water and Public Health

For each theme of the event, two invited speakers will present their work. These presentations will be followed by roundtable discussions and presentations by students, graduates and researchers. Two themes will be covered per day.

These activities will be punctuated by coffee breaks and lunches, served free of charge to participants. A banquet will be offered at the end of the first day for a fee of $50 per person.

Finally, on May 2, the event will end with a cocktail reception, with prizes awarded for the best student presentations and posters.

A training workshop on graphic design and communication in science will be offered on May 3 in the morning, in the Hydro-Québec room of the Charles-Eugène Marchand building and online. This training is offered in hybrid mode, in English, by Impact Scientifik. The workshop will present how to make scientific presentations engaging while presenting relevant data. You will also learn how to define a visual strategy, the basic principles of graphic design in science, and how to produce figures to improve the content of your presentations and posters, as well as the quality of the figures in your publications.

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