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RHQ24 Conference | Hydrological Research in Quebec - 5th Edition | "Navigate the water cycle from one extreme to the other".

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The 2024 edition of the Quebec Hydrological Research (RHQ) symposium aims to give researchers and practitioners the opportunity to explore the opportunities offered by these new technologies and approaches. The main theme of this year's symposium will be recent developments in knowledge of extreme precipitation events (historical or future data from various sources, processing and analysis, techniques and tools available for this purpose, and the uses and learning that can be derived from studying these data) and their hydrological impacts. The symposium will also provide an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to reflect on promising research avenues for Quebec in relation to extreme precipitation events and their hydrological impacts.

Visit RHQ24 | Congrès sur la recherche hydrologique au Québec 2024 ( for full details.

Call for abstracts until April 19, 2024

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