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Water-themed Day

For several years, CentrEau has been organizing a knowledge dissemination workshop for students at Cegep de Saint-Laurent. For the first time since the pandemic, the Water-themed Day is returning for a new in-person edition, featuring technical presentations, hands-on workshops allowing students to conduct experiments, and partner presentations on supporting students throughout their life journeys.

CentrEau is seeking passionate students in the field of water to participate in the Water-themed Day at Cégep Saint-Laurent on February 7 as part of a "Career Path." This special day aims to bring together curious minds interested in water-related issues, providing a unique platform for exchanging ideas and exploring various aspects of this crucial field.


The themed day will also be the ideal opportunity to connect with professionals in the water sector. Meet experts, researchers, and like-minded individuals, expanding your professional network.


If you are a student and a CentrEau student member, and your academic background is related to water, we strongly encourage you to apply to share your experience during this enriching day. Simply fill out the participation form by January 15, 2023.

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