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CentrEau welcomes the birth of CIROH

27 April 2022

A new water research consortium is being formed in the United States, the Cooperative Institute for Research to Operations in Hydrology (CIROH). CIROH...

Western crops suffer as glaciers melt

27 April 2022

Did you know that most cultures in Western Canada are not irrigated? They are almost entirely dependent on rainfall.  However, due to climate change,...

The striking heat of the Okanagan

20 April 2022

It is one of the most fertile valleys in Canada. Famous for its fruit, it is also famous for its vineyards. But the ideal warm weather for viticulture is...

The gardens that make the rain and the sun shine

19 April 2022

The MRC of Haute-Yamaska (halfway between Montreal and Sherbrooke, around Granby) is taking great measures to counter the problems of water supply. Thus,...

Saint-Hippolyte wants to protect its groundwater

13 April 2022

Faced with the increase in its population (6% in the last year), the municipality of Saint-Hippolyte has announced that it will tighten the exploitation...

Groundwater, a solution to water needs

13 April 2022

On the occasion of the 9th World Water Forum in Dakar on March 21, UNESCO released the United Nations World Water Development Report. Entitled...

Sutton could be lacking drinking water

06 April 2022

The lack of drinking water in Sutton is forcing the Eastern Townships municipality to slow down its real estate development.  Currently, the town is...

Trois-Rivières gets into the swing of things

06 April 2022

In order to comply with the Quebec Strategy for Drinking Water Conservation [in French], the City of Trois-Rivières announced on April 6 a series of...

The fight against microplastics at the source

29 March 2022

Did you know that between a quarter and a third of the microplastics found in the environment come from the domestic washing of clothes? Although water...

Ozone is coming to town!

27 March 2022

The first of eight contracts was awarded by the City of Montreal

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