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JOB OPPORTUNITY: Division Manager - water treatment

03 July 2023

Reporting to the Director of Infrastructure Services, the incumbent plans, organizes, supervises and controls all areas of the division's activities, including the drinking water, wastewater and shared services sectors, in compliance with MELCC directives and the City's administrative policies.

Duties and responsabilities

  • Plan, direct, supervise and control the tasks and operations, both technical and general, in which he/she participates;
  • Organize, coordinate and supervise the activities of staff under his/her responsibility, in compliance with applicable policies;
  • Provide technical and professional support for the entire Division, and issue the required opinions;
  • Prepare recommendations for City Council in relation to the Division;
  • Plan and manage calls for tender within the Division;
  • See to the operation of maintenance operations, both technical and general;
  • See to the operation and maintenance of the dredging and sediment dewatering infrastructures of the Beaudet reservoir, including calls for tender for dredging and operation of the sediment dewatering plant;
  • Recommend to his/her superior policies, measures and procedures likely to improve the Division;
  • Ensure the efficiency and quality of the work performed by his staff;
  • Supervise preventive maintenance of machinery (pumps, compressors, etc.) and arrange for minor repairs;
  • Collaborate with the coordinators of his/her Division to develop and control budgets and expenses related to the operation, maintenance and upkeep of the equipment and materials required;
  • Procure equipment and products required for the proper operation of facilities under his/her responsibility;
  • Coordinate building maintenance;

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