Why be a member of CentrEau?
  • Get to know each other: know who is working on water in Quebec
  • Have a greater significance (public decision making, for example)
  • Seed money for projects
  • Access to stat-of-the-art infrastuctures
  • Networking
  • Joint grant applications (with the help of a scientific coordinator)
  • Support for events organized by members
  • Student symposia
  • Consolidate information on water
  • Outreach for your research projects
  • Website : an information tool where you can share your news and share materials
  • Possible services to students and researchers:
    • Writing assistance for the Common CV for professors
    • Writing assistance for students
    • Assistance in writing grant applications, projects, etc.
    • Workshops for languages, writing, communications, networking, etc.
    • Other services not offered by departments and faculties 
  • How to become a member »