PhD Regular Student

Research project

Field of study: Water Resources Management

Research Topic: Optimizing the management of complex water resources systems taking into account the long-term persistence of streamflow process


  • Optimum operating of hydropower reservoir systems
  • Simulation and modelling methods to water, environmental, and energy resource problems
  • Multi-criteria decision making methods
  • Qualitative and quantitative water resources planning and management
  • Stochastic and deterministic allocation of water resources
  • Climate change and hydrologic system analysis
  • Uncertainty analysis and risk characterization
  • Extreme events monitoring, analysis and predictions
  • Application of GIS and Remote Sensing in Water Resource
  • Application of systems engineering, conflict resolution, system dynamics, economics,
  • optimization

Research Areas


Previous Studies

  • M.Sc. Water Resources Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, University of Tehran, Iran (2011-2014) (Master Thesis Title: Operation Optimization of Cascade Reservoir Hydropower Systems Based on Economic Profit Maximization Considering Hydrological Uncertainties Using SDDP Algorithm)
  • B.Sc. Civil Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, Khavaran Institute of Higher Education, Iran (2007-2011)

Directors & Co-Directors