PhD Regular Student

Research project

Field of study: Geography

Research Topic: Development of a multidimensional approach for an analysis of an extreme hydrological state, the critical dryness at the scale of a living area: the Plateau of Thiès


  • Water resource in semi arid environment
  • Forecast of hydrological extremes (droughts, floods)
  • Hydrometeorological risks and dangers
  • Water resource management

Research Areas


Previous Studies

  • 2017: Participation in the IM2E water science doctoral programs in Montpellier
  • 2016: Master geography specialty: Spatial Structures and Dynamics (SDS) UAPV
  • 2016: Participation in the Géo point conference in Lausanne on the theme "From space for theory". 2016: Participation in the international Avenir de l'eau days, Hydro Gaia of Montpellier
  • 2014: Master 1 in geomatics and management of UAPV territorial projects
  • 2014: Writing and presentation of a scientific article at the international conference on Water, Waste and Sustainable Development (E3D) in Alès
  • 2013: Master in geography option: Structuring and management of environmental information. (Ecosystem / Environment) at Gaston Berger University in Saint-Louis / Senegal (UGB)
  • 2011: License in geography (UGB)
  • 2008: Baccalaureate Series L2 at Lycée Malick Sy in Thiès / Senegal


  • Associations of young water professionals in Senegal (AJPES)
  • Hydro-Quebec Institute for Environment, Development and Society (EDS Institute)
  • Dupont d'Avignon Group
  • Association of Canadian Geographers (AGC)

Directors & Co-Directors


  • Comité EDI