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Field of study: Water Engineering

Research Topic: Wastewater Respirometry For A Digital Twin


  • Environmental awareness has increased considerably over time and wastes discharged into huge volumes of wastewater is one of the principles issues presented nowadays. With the main objective to clear water we use in our homes of solid materials, wastewater treatment plants have been developed, and as part of their process, biological oxidation of pollutants take place to eliminate unwanted organic components. Oxygen consumption is key in these reactions, and its measurement called respirometry will be the target in my research project. For this, an automated respirometer will be used along to quantify biodegradable matter, obtaining data that will allow to develop a system model and real time monitoring of the process. However, one of the main concerns is the energy-demanding supply of oxygen, so that is why my major interest is focused in carrying out operations in an optimal way through automatic control, being technologically possible and ecologically necessary.

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Previous Studies

  • BSc, Biotechnology Engineering with Bioprocesses specialization at Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Mexico (2019)

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