Research Infrastructures

Landscape Innovation Laboratory

Unique in Canada, the Landscape Innovation Laboratory contains three major components: a field data capture and processing unit; a multifunctional ACE unit (analysis, design, evaluation); and a data management unit to provide interfaces, archiving, cataloging of data and design projects, and dissemination of generated information. It brings together the functions essential to the acquisition of varied data on the ground useful for landscape and territorial reading. It also allows the linking of this information in the framework of research relating, for example, to the evaluation of visual impacts, the assessment of prospective scenarios of landscape evolution or the post-conception evaluation of development visions. all territorial scales with high-level technological equipment.

  • Université de Montréal (UdeM)
Montréal, Québec
Contact person
Philippe Poullaouec-Gonidec, Professor, 514 343-7500
Associated axes :
  • Axis Uses of water
    Theme 1: Water needs and uses of cities
  • Transversal axis: Governance and management
    Theme 3: Governance objectives and tools
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