Research projects

Our co-researchers work together in many ways. In this section, you will be able to consult the various research projects in which our members take part.

Joint grants

The co-researchers of the cluster obtain all kinds of funding from funding agencies, both in Quebec and internationally, and collaborate on a multitude of research projects.

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Studies & research

Our co-researchers also work more directly with research users and obtain all kinds of contracts for studies and reports, whether from companies, government levels or organizations.

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A research chair is a research entity supported financially by either a government funding agency or by one or more donors, industries, or private or public organizations. The chair contains the sums needed for the remuneration of the holder and/or the conduct of research and training activities for a new generation of scientists. A chair allows the holder to achieve the highest levels of progress in knowledge in his area of specialization. This prestigious title is for the scientific elite.

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