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Papier-Maché - Scientific Communication

CentrEau's Papier-Mâché scholarship supplement aims to encourage students to read, understand and synthesize scientific articles on water in French. 


A $250/publication bursary will be awarded to the winner.  

Eligibility criteria: 
  • Be a student member (regular or associate status) of CentrEau (as specified in the group's bylaws)  
  • Have the approval of his/her research supervisor;  
  • Choose a publication related to CentrEau's scientific program; 
In exchange for financial assistance from the student outreach program, the student agrees to : 
  • Identify themselves (affiliation) with CentrEau - Centre québécois de recherche sur la gestion de l'eau, if applicable; 
  • Provide a photo for publication on the group's website; 
  • Present a poster or lecture at the annual CentrEau Student Day (on the topic of their choice). 

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