Director's message

Water is not only the source of life, it also rhymes with cycle and reciprocity. Everything we do potentially has a consequence on water, and water has an impact on all our lives and actions. Water is a multi- and interdisciplinary research subject and the expertise of our center reflects it brilliantly; the centre brings together researchers working in health sciences as well as in pure and applied sciences, but also in social sciences, law and planning. This renewable and said to be infinite resource deserves paying attention to it and that's why CentrEau exists.

The province of Quebec hosts excellent researchers whose research area is directly or indirectly linked to this essential resource for life. CentrEau aims to unite the driving forces of the universities in this field in order to promote research, training and knowledge transfer.

To fulfill its mission, the centre relies on an important network of collaborators and partners.

I invite you to visit our website to discover our research areas, our extensive expertise, our members, our activities, our research results and our projects!

René Therrien
Director, CentrEau