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59th webinar in the Hebd'Eau series entitled "Expanded Use of Rainwater in Buildings".

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Speaker: Emilie Bédard is an assistant professor in the Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering at the Polytechnic of Montreal and an associate researcher at the Sainte-Justine UHC Research Centre. Her research work in recent years has focused on the microbiological quality of water in buildings. She is also interested in bioaerosols associated with wastewater treatment and antibiotic resistance, including the link between lifestyle habits and the presence of resistance genes in wastewater. She recently participated as an expert member of the Interdepartmental Group on Rainwater Use in Buildings. 

Language: Presentation in French and slide show in French. 

Abstract: Rainwater harvesting systems are an interesting alternative to reduce potable water consumption. The increased interest for rainwater reuse in a sustainable development perspective and to better manage heavy rainfall events has been taken into account in the new revision of the plumbing code (2020), extending its use to uses not requiring drinking water quality. However, the reuse of rainwater can result in a microbiological quality that presents a health risk, especially for uses that may generate bioaerosols. A review of the health risks as well as technical and legislative considerations related to expanded rainwater use will be presented. System design and maintenance are critical to ensure the quality of harvested water. 

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